About NV

Who we are

Noon Venture was born as a concept in 1999. At that time, NV founders started working together in a challenging ICT sector where everything was changing thanks to the combination of communications technology evolution, regulatory framework redefinition and business convergence of traditional sectors (Media, Telecom and Internet).

Currently NV is based in Madrid (Spain) but works globally as an international consulting firm specialised in the telecoms, media and digital (TMD) industry, with focus on technology, public policy, regulation and business strategy.

About NV

What we do

NV team leads consultancy and research projects at international level in the TMD industry, while advising and supporting startup companies to establish, grow and scale-up in the digital landscape.

At Noon Venture, we support our c-level clients to make the important decisions on their business strategies, providing key analysis and valuable information (“third party opinion”) based on NV experience and knowledge of the TMD industry key drivers: public policy and regulation, technology, economic context and market development.
Our team has worked for a wide international clients base from governments, National Regulatory Agencies, global enterprises and telecom operators.